Meet the Founder

About me

I am a 27 year old from Melbourne, Australia. I create wholesome health conscious gift boxes for you to share with your loved ones. I love spending time in the sun and adore spending time in nature, especially by the beach.

My food philosophy

I eat a plant based, gluten free, refined sugar free, organic whole food diet, and my intention with Consider Me Box is to include products in our gift boxes which follow my personal food philosophy. I want to show people that gifting for certain health and dietary requirements doesn't have to be a difficult task. 

My lifestyle philosophy

I believe in using as many organic and low-toxic products as possible in my everyday life. I made this personal change over 5 years ago when I first became ill with Lyme Disease. Nobody is perfect, I am not personally 100% low-tox, but I encourage others to try their best. I wouldn't put anything in our boxes that I wouldn't use myself. Everything has been tried and tested, ingredient lists analysed and approved by me. I hope to show others that gifting for the health conscious does not have to be boring!

My health journey with Lyme Disease

My life changed after a trip to Europe and a nasty sinus infection in 2016. I became more and more unwell very slowly over the course of 2 years. I was getting sicker and sicker. I sought various medical opinions and testing from dozens of practitioners, so desperate for any answers or root causes to my deteriorating health condition. I was 21-23 at this stage, and these should have been the prime years of my life.

I was labelled as depressed by doctors, unwillingly took multiple types of medication to attempt to mask my chronic body pain, brain fog and insomnia. I was told I was experiencing burn out and I was put in the too hard basket almost immediately.

I kept digging, my determination was tenacious and I became my own health advocate. I knew couldn’t keep going in the trajectory I was on. Upon my research, I discovered that Lyme Disease could be the culprit. I had not only been unwell after my trip to Europe - but also had experienced various health issues since I was a child, and this was never having left Australia. Constantly bitten by mosquitos throughout my life, and contracting bed bugs in Europe, I knew this could be a real possibility. 

Quickly I discovered the controversy of Lyme existing in Australia - and very quickly was made aware of how difficult it will be to receive treatment in this country if it were to be my diagnosis. I nevertheless sprung into action, requested my blood be sent to America for the most accurate testing possible - and there I received my answers. Treatment or solutions on the other hand - would be the real battle.

Why the controversy in Australia? Please click to learn more on the Lyme Disease Association of Australia website here.

Treatment opportunities in Australia

Opportunities for treatment are extremely limited in Australia. Due to the lack of awareness and outdated research, doctors aren't being educated about the severity of the illness and situation of Lyme existing in Australia. Patients are being ignored, gaslit, and left to fend for themselves.

Personally, since being diagnosed 5 years ago, I have had to travel interstate and travel overseas twice now to Cyprus and Switzerland in a bid to seek basic treatment at a huge financial burden. Unfortunately, the follow-up treatment I received could not be substantial enough for me to continue back in Australia, and any improvements I gained quickly dissipated.

Due to the difficulties I have faced, this has become my main driving factor in wanting to raise as much awareness as possible about this debilitating disease. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go in Australia, but I am hopeful that we will get there someday, and thousands of lives will be changed for the better.

  • Natasha - Melbourne

    I felt so special & loved receiving this gift box in the mail, it's so difficult for friends & family to buy me something I can actually have due to limitations and requirements of illness, but I can actually eat and utilise everything in this box !! everything was vegan, organic and GF!! the Byron Bay Immunity tea is absolutely divine, definitely will be purchasing these for my loved ones for Christmas.

  • Ella - Sydney

    What a special delivery to receive in the mail! The card was so beautiful and I loved looking through all of the contents, it was just so perfectly coordinated. I'm going to so enjoy trying the tea, and I've already tried the Superbites and they're delicious! As I have a chronic illness, the Huskee cup is perfect for me because I have to drink lying down. Everything was so beautifully put together with the packaging and colours, very carefully curated. There aren't many gift boxes catered towards people who have specific diet or health needs. Perfect for any occasion and my friends would love these too! I'm over the moon!

  • Bianca - Sydney

    Thank you so much for the beautiful box, I was able to get the perfect gift for someone who means so much to me not only was the boxed filled with beautiful conscious gifts it also arrived looking beautiful and also so quickly. Thank you for providing beautiful boxes filled with so much love so I can easily celebrate and gift those I love!

  • Amy - Melbourne

    I loved the gift box!!! Everything is so lovely! I told my partner that I'm not sharing the hot chocolate