Our Story

Send a gift box on any day your loved one may need a reminder that you’re thinking of them - or an extra reminder to be kind to themselves. Whether a moment of comfort, strength, or a mood-boosting distraction is needed - we hope we can help gift your loved one something really special that makes them feel considered.

I know, that for myself, I’m notoriously “difficult” to gift for. Due to my chronic illness, I’m gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free.... with the list going on. It is extremely rare that I ever receive a gift that fits in with my lifestyle and dietary requirements. With this dilemma in mind, I wanted to create a space where finding the perfect gift for the wellness warriors in your life is an easy task. So many products these days are full of toxic chemicals, refined sugar, and just plain 'ol nasty stuff!  

Why are we different from other wellness boxes?

We have health and wellness at the forefront of our ethos. We are also passionate about supporting small Australian businesses that provide healthy and practical products. We offer special and considered wellness products and gift boxes that have been carefully curated for the health-conscious. We have carefully designed each box intending to improve wellness, provide comfort, and make the recipient feel considered. 
We are also passionate about making a difference in the lives of patients living with Lyme Disease in Australia - so we will be donating $1 of every sale to the Lyme Disease Association of Australia. To read more about why we chose to partner with this charity - Please click here to Meet the founder 

A Consider Me Box will help your loved one feel just that - Considered - loved, recognised, and most importantly, that they are thought about with care.

  • Natasha - Melbourne

    I felt so special & loved receiving this gift box in the mail, it's so difficult for friends & family to buy me something I can actually have due to limitations and requirements of illness, but I can actually eat and utilise everything in this box !! everything was vegan, organic and GF!! the Byron Bay Immunity tea is absolutely divine, definitely will be purchasing these for my loved ones for Christmas.

  • Ella - Sydney

    What a special delivery to receive in the mail! The card was so beautiful and I loved looking through all of the contents, it was just so perfectly coordinated. I'm going to so enjoy trying the tea, and I've already tried the Superbites and they're delicious! As I have a chronic illness, the Huskee cup is perfect for me because I have to drink lying down. Everything was so beautifully put together with the packaging and colours, very carefully curated. There aren't many gift boxes catered towards people who have specific diet or health needs. Perfect for any occasion and my friends would love these too! I'm over the moon!

  • Bianca - Sydney

    Thank you so much for the beautiful box, I was able to get the perfect gift for someone who means so much to me not only was the boxed filled with beautiful conscious gifts it also arrived looking beautiful and also so quickly. Thank you for providing beautiful boxes filled with so much love so I can easily celebrate and gift those I love!

  • Amy - Melbourne

    I loved the gift box!!! Everything is so lovely! I told my partner that I'm not sharing the hot chocolate